Ability to Plan, Organize, & Prepare

Planning, organization, and preparation are crucial aspects of becoming a successful new teacher. Teachers must demonstrate the capability to align their lessons with local, state, and national standards. In Virginia, the state where I have completed my student teaching, this means aligning lesson plans with the state’s Standards of Learning for social studies classes. Teachers must also be able to select appropriate instructional strategies and materials for use in our specific classrooms. This includes differentiating lessons so that all students can access the content in a meaningful way.

I have been able to meet this competency by following the SOL standards when planning units, lessons, and assessments. I have created lessons that incorporate different pedagogical strategies that take into account literacy, technology, and much more. I have been able to select materials that are appropriate for a variety of levels. The Inquiry lesson below works well for AP students, but the Seminar lesson works for a variety of ability levels. It incorporates a version of Machiavelli’s The Prince that is easy to read and still intellectually stimulating in terms of content. The artifacts below show a variety of lessons with full explanations of why certain strategies were chosen. Please also see my Unit Plan page for an example of longer range planning.