Technology is becoming more available for use in schools and provides us with new opportunities for effective instruction. However, technology use is often lacking in social studies classrooms. As much as I am able given available resources, I want to integrate technology into my classroom in ways that engage students and help them to develop the skills necessary to succeed. With the Internet, information is more prevalent and easier to obtain that ever before, so the abilities developed in social studies classrooms are increasingly important. I want students to be able to use the Internet to find and analyze historical and current event information. In order to do this successfully in their lives outside the classroom, they should have some practice inside the classroom. They should be able to view technology as something that can enhance learning and make it more interesting. I am looking forward to continuing to use technology in the classroom in meaningful ways.

I have begun to integrate technology into my lessons in ways that align with specific pedagogical aims as evidenced by this explanation of the technology used in the concept formation lesson on my lesson plans page. This lesson was designed with the technologies in mind that I had access to in my student teaching placement.

In an educational research course, I chose to look into the current uses of technology in the social studies classroom and the effects on student motivation and learning. This literature review examines the current research and theoretical frameworks for integrating technology into the social studies classroom in a meaningful and pedagogically aligned manner.