My name is Lauren Peterson, and I am an aspiring social studies teacher. I am currently a graduate student at the College of William and Mary pursuing a Master of Arts in Education in Curriculum and Instruction-Secondary Education Social Studies, with plans to graduate in May 2012. In 2006, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the Pennsylvania State University.

The purpose of this portfolio is to provide evidence of my qualifications and competencies as a teacher. I am completing my student teaching experience this spring at Grafton High School in York County, VA. I have been fortunate to have an excellent cooperating teacher, who is admired by both students and colleagues. During my student teaching experience, I was in a 9th grade World History I class and a 10th grade AP European History class. Student teaching has been challenging and rewarding. It has strengthened my enthusiasm to share my knowledge and passion for history with my students.

Through this experience and my courses at William and Mary, I have strengthened my skills as a content expert, reflective practitioner, effective collaborator, and educational leader. Throughout this portfolio, I have provided links to several artifacts which demonstrate how I have met these professional competencies as an educator. Please use the menu to the left to navigate this site and learn more about my skills and qualifications as a teacher.