Teachers must consider how they will manage their classroom before the year even begins. It is important to have a plan in place so that when certain situations arise, the teacher does not panic or have to come up with a solution on the spot. Successful classroom management goes beyond providing a physically safe environment. A good teacher also builds a positive rapport with students and develops a classroom where respect is of the utmost importance. Routines also help to maintain order in the classroom because there is less lost time during transitions. For example, a warm-up activity on the board at the beginning of each class helps to ensure that students sit, get notes and pencils out, and are ready to work at the start of each class.

In my classroom, I will have only a few rules which are clear and posted. The most important rule is that students must show respect for each other, the teacher, and the materials at all times. I have found that the most effective way to manage behavior in the classroom is by showing students that you respect them and what they bring to the learning experience. They are more likely to show respect back to the teacher and to participate in classroom activities. Of course, the teacher also needs to be able to be firm when necessary and enforce the rules.

Builds positive rapport with and among students fostering an environment that values and encourages respect for diversity.
  • Two for Ten Strategy
  • I make sure to greet students as they enter the room. When I circulate during individual or group activities, I stop to interact with students. I have been successful in building an environment in which students are safe, happy, and learning.

Organize a classroom for effective instruction through appropriate physical arrangement and grouping of students for optimal learning and safe movement around the classroom.
  • The physical arrangement of the class during my student teaching was already in place; however, it worked well for most classroom activities. The student was in pairs with enough walking space between make it safe to move around. There was a teacher’s desk at the back of the room and a table at the front, so the teacher can see the whole room from either angle.
  • Magna Carta Lesson– see explanation of grouping
  • Jeopardy! – I had the students play a jeopardy review game that I put together. I spent time to make sure that the teams were even. I took into account spreading out the strong students, the students were always willing to speak up, and the quiet students. It worked out well, and the scores were fairly even going into the final question.

Use effective routines and procedures and maintain effective and efficient use of time.
  • See my lesson plans page to see how I use time effectively. Each lesson breaks out how much time each part will take. The lessons include hooks to draw students in immediately.
  • Something I want to incorporate in the future is a warm-up activity routine. This will help to ensure that the students are ready to work as soon as the bell rings.

Develop and use a classroom management plan that provides clear expectations of student behavior, including appropriate responses to inappropriate student behavior.